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The Witcher TV Show: Henry Cavill & Showrunner Respond To Casting

The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and star Henry Cavill have responded to the news that Cavill is playing Geralt of Rivia on the Netflix fantasy TV series. Prior to his official casting, the Man of Steel and Mission: Impossible – Fallout actor had voiced a desire to play Geralt in the small screen Witcher adaptation – a desire born by his love for not only The Witcher video games (The Witcher 3 in particular), but also The Witcher book saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

So far, Cavill is the only official cast member for The Witcher TV show. However, leaked audition tapes for the series suggest that casting for Yennefer of Vengerberg – a sorceress and Geralt’s eventual lover – is actively underway. The plot summary for Hissrich’s Witcher adaptation further confirms that the monster hunter Geralt will cross paths with a character who certainly sounds like Yennefer (e.g. a ”powerful sorceress”), at some point during his journey.

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With Cavill now formally committed and directors in place for the show’s first eight episodes, the next big Witcher announcement should involve the casting of Yennefer and the rest of the series’ ensemble. In the meantime, as fans continue to process the news about Cavill, both the actor and Hissrich have take to their social media accounts to weigh in.

The Witcher TV Show: Henry Cavill & Showrunner Respond To Casting
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Aika yllättävä valinta Geralt of Rivian näyttelijäksi tämä Cavill. Enemmän veikkailtiin Mads Mikkelseniä tai Josh Hollowaytä. Mielenkiinnolla jään seuraamaan keitä muita paljastetaan näyttelijöiksi.


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